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Hey Chelsea

Album: Your Last War
Heather Green




hey hey chelsea, i’ve been thinking lately there really are no words to define oh wait, yes there is, it’s the perfect kind of lovely hey hey chelsea no shot could ever capture the view no picture no frame no make-up no hairdo prechorus: the beauty in you i find, don’t let it slip your mind CHORUS: but if you do, you do, you do it’s a long, long road dear i’ll be happy to remind you but I’ve got 2 arms and I’ll hold you near of the love, the love, the love that won’t ever change that remains even when we’re old and gray hey hey chelsea have some mercy you don’t have to see the other side of the looks that you give with those great big eyes hey chelsea don’t you doubt me you know what i’m sayin’ is true i’m just giving to you all the credit you’re due for prechorus CHORUS (x2)

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