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A Good Time All The Time

Album: Destination Anywhere
The Steve Schuffert Band






Hard rockin boundry crossing music...rock? all instruments played by Steve

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A GOOD TIME ALL THE TIME (verse 1) its eleven in the morning and the day’s just getting started for me early rise and shine never had much appeal ‘ya see i get my ‘matter’ juice out and pour a bloody mary ‘super size’ kick back on my hammock and let the sleep clear ‘outta my eyes i turn the radio on to my favorite station got the sound so loud that the house starts shakin,alright, then i’m feeling alright (chorus) i’m looking for a good time all the time party twenty four seven no exceptions is my bottom line. if it aint broke i dont fix it,i dont even let it enter my mind i’m looking for a good time all the time. (verse 2) i’m the life of the party livin large full color HD i can dance all night and tear it up like a wreckin’ machine when you party with a hardcore hellraisin’ rebel full of southern pride you better hang on to the saddle cause you know it’s gonna be a wild ride send another round of drinks to my buddies at the table and fill‘em to the top with tennessee black label, alright... (chorus) (solo) (Chorus)

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