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I Cover My Face




Beautiful story song of Moses' personal encounter with the divine, revealing the way that we all at times avoid that intimacy in our own lives, "afraid of glory too bright, so we cover our faces...

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I Cover My Face from Exodus 19 and 32-33 Music and Lyrics by Andrea Davis-Griffin 1. So many days away, It Seemed like I had died or run away, So much to say, so many ways to live, And how to please You, Here on this holy mountain, Then I faced Your people, But they turned away, Couldn’t bear the glow, Don’t they long to see You?? to know You?? So I covered my face, I covered my eyes, To shield them from the trace of glory too bright, The shining in their eyes--reflection of Your light, Made them afraid to be near me, I didn’t realize a veil would be required, That You were shining through me…. So I covered my face, I covered my eyes…. 2. On a mountain in a cloud, then higher up still You call me, No longer afraid to look, asking please to see Your glory, then You answered, That You know me well, and You’re pleased with me, Yes You’d do what I ask, and You passed beside me, before me….. And You covered my face, You shielded my eyes, From looking in Your face and losing my life. Your goodness passing by, Your name proclaimed on high, As Lovingkindness and Mercy, You showed me mercy then, by reaching out Your hand, To cover me and save me from Your glory, So You covered my face, You shielded my eyes…. 3. So many days away, seems like I hide or run away, So scared to wait, Afraid I cannot see beyond the veil, Here in my own little room, Still You call each day, But I turn away, Can’t I bear the glow, Don’t I long to see You, to know You? But I cover my face, I cover my eyes, And I hide from your grace, and tell myself lies, Like when the people couldn’t wait, they didn’t hesitate, To replace you with a touchable savior, They had to recreate, a god that they could face, so scared to be alone……. Yes, I cover my face, I cover my eyes……. © 2009 PrayerLifeMusic/ASCAP

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