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She Loved To Dance

Album: Texas Soul
Mike Allen




Americana / Alt Country


A song I wrote for my grandmother. Born in 1906 to Irish and Cherokee parents, she survived losing 2 brothers to WWI, the Depression, sending her son's off to WWII, losing 3 husbands and her farm. She came out the toughest person I've ever known, but still able to see funny side of a bad situation. 'But she said “it wasn’t all bad you can’t buy those memories All of those old hard times, they are what made me me”'

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She Loved To Dance They say back in her younger days that she was something to see Long black hair and big blue eyes and a soul so wild and free Back there in her day, farm girls were tough but tame But Irish and that Cherokee blood gave her candle one strong flame She was old beyond her years by the time that I came along She had just sworn off of love three times she sang that song She had lived more life and lost more by pure chance Than anyone I’ve ever known but she still loved to dance We’d sit up for half the night when I was just a kid Taught me cards and dominos when my folks had gone to bed I learned about real life and times that were long gone In stories and old photographs and learned how to be strong She lost her men along the way but survived through the years Had four kids and just held on there was no time for tears She hid Bonnie and Clyde just to have that chance The strong push on do what they must but Lord she loved to dance But she said “it wasn’t all bad you can’t buy those memories All of those old hard times, they are what made me me” She loved to hear me play and blew harp right along It’s taken me all of these years to write her the right song It stormed all day the day that she left which I know she would liked I got the call her time was near and went to say goodbye I whispered in her ear and took my long last glance But all I see here in my mind is how she loved to dance I’ll always see her in my mind and how she loved to dance © 2017 ITSMYSONG MUSIC (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved

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