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Album: I Shouldn't Say






This song was inspired by my high school best friend who found herself lost in the poison of depression. Seconds before she was going to leave this world, she remembered that her younger sister looks up to her and ultimately needs her to be around. Kelsey decided she was worth another day. She remembered that she is never alone.

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Verse 1 She’s so beautiful That girl that everyone knows A natural socialite Secretly feels all alone She’s the one that they say Is destined for greatness someday You won’t hear it in her laugh But she’s lying to herself and everyone else Chorus She’s losing her place Doesn’t know how to face All those dreams she feels Are unreachable And I know every break I know what it takes to stay When you feel you’re losing control And you have every reason to let go But you won’t Verse 2 By the last class of the day She puts on a good smile Even though She’s been crying for awhile And she keeps to herself All the fears that tear her down They tear her down Bridge She hides herself away About to risk her life to ease the pain To ease the pain And with seconds to go She thinks of her sister at home And she decides she’s worth another day She’s worth another day Final Chorus She found her place Finally knows how to face All those dreams that she thought Were unreachable And I saw every break Watched her learn how to face her fears There’re no more tears She’s stronger than before And ready to face the world But not alone Final Verse She’s so beautiful That girl that everyone knows It’s Kelsey’s heart that got to mend And she’s my best friend

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