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Break The Chain

Album: The Brian Bateman Blend
The Brian Bateman Blend




I was born in a time That defies all rhyme and reason And the notion of what we know Is all we need to know The excuses of the past Are falling out of season When you used to know no better Brother now you know Mama always told me Daddy was a good provider And Mama always told me Daddy was a real good man… at times But Daddy never saw his reflection in a bottle And when it comes to the point where she’s sleeping with the lights on… It’s time to break the chain Some walk a tightrope Some walk a fine line Most ride a merry-go-round We walk in footsteps Of older generations whose mistakes remain profound And with the torch passed We get our chance at last A better life than they had We use our voices – And make our own choices Things don’t have to be so bad Mama used to used to stay awake And I could hear her crying Long after my old man Had drank himself to sleep at night Excuses know no limits When your heart keeps lying And I guess we choose the company we keep… I’d rather break the chain Break the chain Break the chain One by one Links come undone And you will break the chain Things were dark In the trailer park Our car was running Down the street The suitcase that she kept packed Was dragging at her feet Into the nighttime As headlights flew by She wiped away her tears She promised everything would be alright As she held us boys so near I never thought that Mama would have had it in her To make a break and drive off in the pouring rain The little girl was tired of trying to live within her And if she wanted more than living with the pain And so she broke the chain (Repeat Chorus x 2) Copyright 2011 Brian Paul Bateman

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