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Album: Love Lost Bizarre (Special Edition Rework)
Indigo Blak






"Hello"- This song is a gritty R&B "coming of age" single. A Hip-Hop inspired tune, that's sure to be a big hit among Urban Radio. -From the 2015 LP, "Love Lost Bizarre" (Special Edition Rework).

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"HELLO" (1) Out here in the jungle Ain’t no telling what I'm gon do (what I'm gon do, gon do) Hangin’ round wit my whole crew (yeah) I feel like acting like a damn fool Rollin out da whip wit da handful Came wit a slice, now my hands full Fresh black & white on ‘Shamu’ Fresh black & white on ‘Shamu’ Paint the town ‘Red Ragu’ Tonight’s a different animal So we go nuts, go cashews Leave the city in a snafu Dom perignon, paper bag true Even the “me toos” mad too I just turn around, and tell ‘em that I had too (Pre-Hook) Candy paint drippin’ off my spaceship And you know dis In da cut, sippin on my drank And know you dis I'm burnin’ on ‘em, swervin’ on ‘em But I bet y’all already know dis City life, city lights, It be calling me, and I'm like (Hook x2) Hello Hello Is it me you’re looking for Yea I know Yea I know I know (yeah) (2) Poison in my cup Streaming lights as they passing by They can’t say that we’re corrupt. We always winning, it's just the beginning Before the night erupts Harder and harder they try But you always can see it in the eyes I'm the one they trying to find They be like who’s in the dash I'm like, the Wu's in the dash Top down wit da 10’s on blast Hands up high wit da pedal on the gas Even though they think I'm movin’ fast Hold up Roll up in Ol’ Skool, they” say that I'm pimpin’ They swear I got “Doe”, they call me ‘Homer Simpson At least it’s just enough to make it last You can catch me in dat (Pre-Hook) (Hook x2) (Refrain) Now, now, now Blow it in the wind You already know I’m never leavin’ this strip tonight In to switchin’ some real tho City in a choke hold You already know I got dat (Pre-Hook) (Hook x2) Copyright 2015, Indigo Blak Music/ The PAR Group, LLC

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