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Album: Written by Xolie Morra & Mike Green
Xolie Morra & The Strange Kind






Xolie Morra Cogley is an artist on the Autism Spectrum. Most lyrics are related to her Autistic experience. She also works very closely with & Autism speaks If you relate to the lyrics or even if you don't relate, but would like to share your views, write to to participate in our social experiment and share your Autism Experience. Saturday (Lyrics) The light is creeping in again Replace the darkness that has been my only friend And I can't sleep so I can't dream And my hands are sinking in I'm crazy, spinning to the floor I think of better days that won't be back no more Through fire and rain I've laid it down And my hands are sinking in But if I close my eyes, will I see your face? Will I see you walking down the street on saturday? If I ask for you, if I call your name, will I see you walking down the street on saturday? What can I do to make things right? I lay awake and watch the day turn into night Hold my pillow to my face and my hands are sinking in. (repeat Chorus) Bridge: These memories hit me like a train moving fast and it hurts to hear the sound. I miss you so bad and I wish I could see your light around again, cause I don't want to let you go. (repeat Chorus)

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