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Album: Fly




Indie Pop


Don't you hate it when people tell you what you can and cannot do?

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DId you mean what you said? Cuz I don't believe you. You can stand where they tread. But I don't need to. You can tell me I'm wrong. That I am deluded. But my motives are strong. I won't quit like you did. Time goes by, nothing is changing. The more I try, you still keep saying That I can't fly. While you have to be pried From the boots that you shook in, I will gather outside So I can just look in. Time goes by, Maybe I'm changing. The more I try, you keep on saying That I can't fly. Maybe I don't have the wings to push me higher. I'm a bird that's pacing up upon a wire And you can try, but you cannot deny her. Time goes by, Everything's changing. The more I try, You will start saying That I can fly.

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