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My Last Day

Album: Lst
PayPer Chainz






These Faces Pass me not looking at my pain, I'm lying here dying and you turn me away I reach up for you but you just shove me down, How long must I wait for you to come around I want the truth but you just seem to pretend, that everything you've come to love is never going to end I want some answers but you don't want to offend, I thought you'd want to save me and I thought you were my friend (chorus) I'm Reaching for the Answers, but I need help from you, My Heart aching for purpose my mind seeking the truth Quit being selfish and show me the way, In the end my friend you never know, this could be my last day Your actions answer me as I'm losing my faith, You criticize and hide behind the mask on your face you tell me I'm wrong but you won't tell me whats right you do not realize that I could die tonight (Chorus) (Bridge) Where would I be with no salvation Where would I be with no sacrifise When Will you give in to temptation and lead me to Jesus Christ (Chorus)

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