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Motivated with T-Pain

Album: prEVOLVEr
Twank Star






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Now with all the attention I am attracting, I'm tired of having a fire hazard For a mouthpiece you aint about beef Done it before I could do it again If you knew the state of mind I'm in Then maybe you would understand why I'm in it I'm far from finished, I never diminish I polished the flow, fuck the rest I'm hotter than those Pain you know it nigga, remember this moment and quote it nigga I'm a poet nigga, put anybody on the track I shine, man or woman I'ma crush they spine Challenge me I'ma dig in your shit, Looking at me like I'm little and shit Very appealing and steadily building my resume to be the villain of this But if I win once again, they gone be like T-Pain rigging this shit I know you hate it I'm motivated I'm slowly baking that crack right now Bitch I never fell off the Big Picture on itunes right now Shameless plug but I don't quit, I'm an anal plug, I stop your shit From pop to rap, I am a star I grab a guitar and rock your shit Sweet, anybody trying to compete, I'm some kind of a beast, and with young fyre on the beat I'ma feast I'm trying to eat

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