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Album: Unseen Forces!!






It's that time again!! the end of winter and spring is around the corner, that means (IT'S TYME TOO...) shine up the whip and get in the wind.. WINDY CITY THAT IS. so get yo' ride on this that type of song.

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When i pull up at the club on them 80" inches cream buick tan top! that's a perfect vision, 4 door hat low white tee that glow rocawear on my legs timberlands on my toes....pop bottles spot models clothes reeking of ...we in the club gettin' love cause we season then flow, ovadose get it right or feel the heat we I blow u.p. groupies, put lease on your ho! babyphat fitting tight got that ass looking nice hair laid up in braids like she rip on the mic, niggas pissed cause my hits got me up in her sights now slow ya' row before that 4' put you deep in the sky, mom standing at the wake straight shaking like dice, to yourself think why? am i ready to die? you ain't lloyd banks stop thinking ya' fly before you get beatdown right in front of your guys!! i don't care if you came with the 9 aboard, we jump up and punch killers like the vibe awards, when j-welz let loose he divid some joints to whom it may concern i advise don't point E Corelone let 'em know in Chi we don't front but if it go down we gon' ride with the pump, you got a deathwish so I'ma be Charles Bronson and start dumpin' on anybody in here fronting tonite!

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