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"Come On In" [Copyright 2002 Leo Matthew Chamberlain - Music, Jobi Chamberlain




Original song: "Come On In" - Mojo Makers [Copyright 2002 Leo Matthew Chamberlain - Music, Jobi Chamberlain (1976-2018) - Lyrics] Mojo Makers: Jobi Chamberlain - Lead Vocal Mike Chamberlain - Bass John Chamberlain Jr - Organ Russell Messer - Drums Leo Matthew Chamberlain - All Guitars

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recording note: recorded at crappy long island recording where they ruined my guitar tone putting too much chorus (I never use chorus! and too much compression, rushed us through the session and tried to cheat us out of recording another song - I almost had to punch the owner in the mouth besides the bad experience with the joke of a facility, it was a really fun evening, creating an original song with my late great nephew (little brother) Jobi and late great Russell Messer on drums, my great brothers Mike and John Jr. this recording experience is what led me to teach myself how to record properly. May Jobi and Russell rest in peace, they live on on this recording...I remember Jobi was rushed and did his vocal in one take and I think it is excellent...He was a talented singer, drummer and lyricist. I am very happy with the song and performances but not the recording. - lmc

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