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Love-Hate Relationship




Rap/Gangsta Rap


Love-Hate Relationship is a song that anyone who has been in a relationship can relate to. This is a real song dealing with real topics for real people in a real world.

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Love & Hate: Im usually nice but u make me so mad Joy & Pain: I try to smile but u make me feel bad War & Peace: I act a fool u make me lose my cool My emotions flip like an acrobat; u make me act an ass; when I aint like that. Hold up Ms. Bitch Im tired of your constant naggin, aggin acting an ass with no signs of stopping, signs of slacking, with no signs like traffic jams, pump yo brakes, slow it down before you crash and run us down this romance into the ground, and I have to call a tow truck that girl with that big butt, she been wanting to hook me up and park my car in her garage, i drive a bus when times get hard, park it in her back yard, reverse put it in neutral, she hoped on my dart and rode it hard, yo bitching and complaining got my pressure high got me straining got me stressing got me fussing got me cursing over nothing, I guess this what Ive come to expect not even looking foward to sex we fuck and fight, fight and fuck, everyday its something whats next, I start off in a good mood, and it ends with your attitude, yeah I really love you but fuck this shit I hate you Im feeling like a gymnast the way my feelings flipping from good to bad happy to sad I love you girl but you gone make me slap yo ass. Let me tell you about yourself wtf wth give me heaven or give me hell, dont stop to die just go to hell; you say meet you there, well ill meet you there but you go head without me, keep fucking with me I'll send with a fuck you finger in you; with all the shit that weve been through; still you act we brand new, you know me and I know you, but still you aint got a fucking clue, of what gets me off, what ticks me off, you saying that shit just to piss me off, so i piss on your ass just to tick you off, paybacks a bitch and it aint my dog; Its my bitch its my Miss its yo ass when you act like this; now it aint my ass no more is it, acting stingy you wont fuck my dick, Im like fuck this shit; and you like fuck it then, tommorrow will be fucking again, like breaking up to make up, like loving me down to hate up, like picking me up just to knock me down, making me smile just to make me frown, see saws and merry go rounds I dont wanna play on your playground, but then a nigga just gotta swang through like monkey bars Imma hang with you, cause in hard times we slide through together we in this swang forever.

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