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The Prince

Album: Chikara






The best music is always created in a burst of emotion, when the passion is still hot and your heart burns with fire. I finished this song in just one night, in my frantic attempt to capture the emotions I felt then. Drums, Synth and Bass are from a backing track. Guitar, vocals, and arrangement are once again, all mine. Influences are Varg Vikernes, especially his Filosofem, album, and Marty Friedman's guitar playing.

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The only shelter I had was in her arms Now my every breath is cold and wintry I have nowhere to go, I suffer riot in my heart, my body withers away Why're you making fun of me? Haven't you done enough? For I have sinned less than you, my sorrow breathes aloud When my hand touches you Do you not feel cold? For the blackest heart engulfs you With the impurest of souls You, I cannot live without, tell me Has she understood? Tell me, what does she believe? I have lived enough to see, my days are numbered well I bear the hatred I feel within, have some patience infidel Fear is so routine, I have come to love, kiss and see The skies are darkening today, I will be set free I asked her how she feels when I take her hand She bleeds with unbound joy, she says, but that I'd never understand She gazes at me, she says, my love can never make it I, who am lost inside, I know not how to love My demons cannot run away, oh, how they cannot shout... Liar! Liar! How dare you lie?! You Liar! Feel my pain! Release me this instant, from this life Woman, set me free... You think you know me well My writhing heart and soul? Your love is my coldest symphony All this pain, I'll breathe it out. I fear not death, nor life But hope, because of this, I cannot see the light. I know when they'll come for me, they'll take away my soul Must I wait so long, that I'd lose sight of my goal? All this time, I lived, I have been misunderstood I lost all will, all pretense, only the memory withstood...

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