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Drip Rubies (prod by Ty Bru)

Album: Sweeney Ty
Ty Bru




Alternative Hip-Hop


Ty Bru as Sweeney Ty.

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INTRO (At last my arm is complete again) from film (Mightier Than The Sword Records ) (Sweeney Ty, Sweeney Ty) VERSE I took some trips overseas, I was head over knees Actually, I was after bread and the cheese Brain on pause and my head on freeze Revenge is a seed that will spread the disease Until you resting in peace, infested deceased Brain dead, ne'er fed, I’m laid to the sea Enraged by the beat, embracing the heat Never knew how much of a slave I could be It's amazing to me, how I felt the degrees That the M-I-C could take on me I let it go thought I was blatantly free But when I came back they awakened the beast Now that I’m here, yall will taste the defeat In case you are weak, stay away from my street Asheboro, Elm, Its still the same to the T My microphone's my friend, it will blaze rubies VERSE I got my chase silver, chase liquor The waste of a great picture Revenge that tastes bitter, drip blood thats way thicker The movies good, but the play way sicker Hey mister ty, wont you come play with us By the sea, day tripper, A-kicker Attitude that stay bicker, richer than a fistful of nickels Trickling rubies, hic ups is oozing Im missing my ohh wee, and Bruski the new breed Outro (Friends, You shall drip rubies, you'll soon drip precious rubies) from film

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