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After All I've Given You (ft. Brittany Egbert)

Album: Transience






Nothing to say, nothing to feel. Shattered like clay, thought I was forged from steel. You said our bond was lust, Dividing ocean leads to rust, so why feign the past meant anything to us tonight? Your dreams were so far away, the underdog was invariably here to stay. But I wanted that to change, star unleashed, blue skies from gray! Then fate intervened and brought us in last May. Gave up on me, wanting to be free, was I forcing you to be untrue unconscionably? All this time wasted, such a fleeting bliss tasted... What happened? I wish I knew... After all I've given you, could this be true? After all I've given you, we're through. After all I've given you, everything I could. After all I've given you, we're through.

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