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I'm Gettin' Gone

Album: Mexico
Steven Blaine






2013 - ICoMA Song of the Year Track 7, Album- Mexico songwriters- Larry Migilore, Justin McGovern, Sandra Ramos BraveTheStorm Music BMI Purchase and download "I'm Gettin Gone" here iTunes CDBaby

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I bundled up my t-shirts, packed some extra jeans...Runnin' down this list in my head Gotta finish up this letter, another line or two...... and place it by your pillow on the bed.. (Chorus) Im gettin gone, gonna get out on that highway, n'try to find the pieces of my life Im gettin gone, gonna leave this fight behind me, doesnt matter who was wrong or right Im gettin gone..... Ive written this goodbye note, a hundred times before, then stayed and tried to work it out instead. But you've been so unhappy, we dont talk much anymore, and the words we left unspoken, they're better left unsaid.... (Chorus) Bridge No not one single second thought, now its crystal clear, We'll both be better off, once Im outta here You're sleepin there so soundly, dreamin I suppose, and I wonder if you know (Chorus2) Im gettin gone, leavin any moment, gotta try and find the pieces of my life Im gettin gone, dont know where Im goin, but I know its time to say goodbye.... Im gettin gone, Im gettin gone END

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