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Album: Streets of Gold Productions
Terri L. Bea




Alternative Hip-Hop


A young man tells his girlfriend that he won't abandon her and their unborn child. Leaving them as if he felt nothing...LIKE A ROCK. A Rock Good Bye

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In you is a life alone Did not get there on his own For a night…we united Sink or swim we must decide to put our differences aside I can’t fight it…I’ve decided Rock a-bye the games away…got no mo time to play Gotta stand talla now…not a balla now Rock a bye my baby’s cries, neva have to wonder why Daddy walked on by… sayin a Rock a bye This life that we creat-ed I know we shoulda wait-ed But for a night…we united I know I’m not yo wif-ey, (no) but growin deep inside me Is a life - changing me Your Rock a bye will bring me pain… there are no words to explain feeln smalla now…will he call her now Your Rock a bye will make me weep, hear my baby - asking me Why daddy walk - on by…sayin a Rock a bye Rock a bye uncertainty…and all your fears concerning me Rock a bye the guilt and shame; will my baby have a name? He’ll have my name, She’ll have my name.

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