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The Ledge




Modern Rock


The Ledge Verse 1 Becoming something that I'm not Exposing something I forgot Unsettled thoughts I've grown to know I've fallen short in this race of life So far behind I'll won't survive These played out lines I've grown to act Verse 2 I've fallen short of all my goals Reciting failures that I hold Unsettled thoughts of what I'm told I'm Hurting now and I'm lost to love I look up to the sky above Remember me when I'm lost and gone Chorus On the edge I'm looking down Will I make it out or will I drown? Will I escape or will I be found? On the Ledge Now Two feet upon the ground Those wings they never made a sound Who caught me on the way down? I'm off the ledge now Bridge You come in close and I see your hand It's at work in guiding me to land I see your face I see your face On the ledge now My shallow breaths are taking in What my heart is pushing from within Your love is My God is On the ledge now

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