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Written By the Moment

Album: Leonard and Paul






This song captures our thoughts about how life sometimes feels like a prewritten story as it unfolds

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Verse 1- Way long before you first knew me The words of my life were written down And then Our lives became like a movie I was the star of this crazy town Chorus You know I always got this feeling like I live in a film My life is written by the moment got my mind in a spin And yet the story’s always changing as I go everywhere I’ve got my future in tomorrow and I long to be there I'm now… here Verse 2- The plot of my life unfolded The scene would always take time to know You know The characters that surrounded us They came and went with the ebb and flow Chorus- We were…there Bridge- Time Always tells a story You were once there with me We don’t have a future I can’t live this dream with you Verse 3- (verse 1) Back in the day when you knew me We laughed and joked and our life was fun But then Our smiles were turned into sadness And the story that was written made our love come undone

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