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Tough Break




Spoken Word/Perf. Poetry


The topic was to write a piece to yourself in the future. The message could be real, or fiction. I chose to write a fictional piece about being upset with the way my life was going. And the delivery of the track is real emotional, and acted out. My apologies for the depressing nature of the track. I don't take suicide or any other/lesser self injurious behaviors lightly. If anything, this track is a 2 part story to tell that life can always improve, and things aren't always as bad as they seem.

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CHORUS: I used to revel in happiness, sunshine, laughter... The norm. Now I loathe all of the above, and the calm after the storm. Dear.... Me, Guess I'm just writing ta' say, I woke up and found a reason worth fighting ta'day... Sufficive ta' say I don't mean to alarm you, What I'm trying to say, is we're the one I intend to bring harm to... take a blade to my arm dude, swallow pills til I'm tired and buying the farm too Speakin'a farms, I could sneak in a barn fool tie a rope to the rafters and leap from em Sayonara, I'm gone. Poof. No more you, no more me, no more KonClue. Why is my perspective hazy? How'd I go from a loved and respected baby, To a teen who was messed with daily... Now I'm bit less than crazy, But clearly I got issues man... I'm heart sick, girl left, and I miss you DAMN. God forbid you ever see this, Working on being happy, so I writ you plans! Promise me, you won't BE pissed... You'll go back and read scripts, might have a hard time tryn'a believe it. If we make it far enough for you and I to meet, Just try and greet the older you with arms open without crying please... Inside'a my mind is a dying piece, of the old me that spends nights tryn'a find relief. Thats as easy as prying beef from a hungry lions teeth... I used to think things were never as bad as they seemed. And now I'm mad at myself for having those dreams. So, let's pretend for a second that I don't end it with weapons, I learn a tremendous lesson, and the answers to my pretentious questions. What then? I don't see an end to the stressing, Missing her, or money growing on trees ANY time soon. Believe me, I've wished on shooting stars, air planes many times dude. Theres no hope in this life, and I'm almost positive none to follow neither! Wrote ta' god, jesus, santa... Any and all real and mythological leaders! I'll even meet half way, I don't need ALL the answers or complete solutions Just a... Push in the right direction, or fuck, at LEAST some blue prints! I awake every morning, go to sleep every night dealing with the bullshit... Sit with a loaded pistol in my mouth, finger on the trigger... And come up with ONE reason not to FUCKING Pull it.

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