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Great Pretenders

Album: Love Lost Bizarre (Special Edition Rework)
Indigo Blak






"Great Pretenders"- This song speaks to the feeling of having to change ones self just to fit in, or be accepted. A rhythmic dance tune, that's sure to be a big hit among the EDM world. -From the 2015 LP, "Love Lost Bizarre" (Special Edition Rework).

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"Great Pretenders" (1) Are we real Or are we fake ‘Cause I don't want to travel down this road And make the same mistakes Is this a game The thrill of the chase ‘Cause its getting harder Every time I see your face (Pre-Hook) You turn my whole world upside down And I don't like it No, no, I don't like it You turn my smile into a frown I can't get down No I can't get down (Hook) I don't want to pretend I don't want to pretend I don't want to pretend you’re in love with me We can't be friends And I can't pretend to play it cool No I don't want to be the fool That ends up falling in love with you So don't want to be Don't want to be The great pretenders Oh, no (x3) (2) It tears me apart To see you undecided breaks my heart It’s ok I'm not going to play I'm not going to pretend that this love is easy. (Pre-Hook) (Hook) (Bridge) You could have had it all I would never let you fall But it became too much It just became too much (for me) I don't want to pretend to fall in love. (Hook) Copyright 2015, Indigo Blak Music/ The PAR Group, LLC

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