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Modern Rock


So many factions all making demands Some force action some tie our hands So many fractions it don’t add up No one getting traction no one giving up So many tribes who set themselves above Chorus: What can we do? What can we think of? The answer is love. We’re so congested in each other’s way We’ve been bested they treat us like we’re prey We feel molested we want to make them pay It’s been suggested these are the latter days So many line ups so much push and shove Chorus We want it all and we want it right now We’ll get the ball and we don’t care just how Each person tall and each one with a vow Make them crawl if they don’t scrape and bow So many hawks and not enough doves Chorus Saturation of conflicting rights No toleration we’d much rather fight No vacation from scratches and bites Seems moderation has bid us goodnight So many fists and not enough gloves Chorus

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