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Album: Original, Alternative, Mainstream, Sellout
Dominick Muzio




Alt. Rock


A fast pop/punk type song about Being fed up with the media and celebrities telling you how you should act

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I can't believe it, you're still here, everyones gone away. Well, alright, I hate to be alone, I've got so much to say. I won't take up all your time, I've borrowed all of mine. We can talk all about me and my colic inner child. Not paying for what your saying I'm not gonna wear my heart on my sleeve Tell me that I should but only if it bleeds. I don't care about your disease, I'm just trying to save myself. Well, excuse me if I get out of line, you don't know how it feels. It's hard to accept those things that you didn't have to steal. I just wan't you all to know, I mean every word I say. And just so you all can love me, I'm both straight and gay. Not paying for what your saying.

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