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Album: Demo






A song i wrote about always be there for your bestfriend through thick and thin , this son g can be for lovers, friends, family etc.

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Chorus: You are my bestfriend well ride till the end Ill never leave you again (No no x 2) You have my commitment I know its destined When you throw down Ill be there Verse 1: We were just two kids in high school never thought we'd end up so cool The crazy times we shared together You've been there for me through bad weather I dont know why we severed I was so lost and dazed I shoulda listened better you said friends come first place Bridge: All the crazy times All the stupid fights All the memories All the family I wouldnt change it for the world cuz your my bestfriend Chorus Verse 2: Lookin at how far we've made it Everyones doubt help us save it We get together we're runnin Kinda like batman and robin Im so so glad we mended I was so incomplete now we are cool car crusin hittin 80 on the interstate Bridge Chorus Bridge Chorus

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