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Rise And Shine

Album: Rise And Shine- Single






If you’re gonna rise, you might as well shine If you’ve got wings, you might as well fly If you’ve got a voice, you might as well sing Never met a bell that I didn’t wanna ring. Chorus: It can be so easy When you’re on your path and you know where you’re going If the rain falls That great big river of life keeps flowing So Jump on in, the water’s fine One more time, One more time. Never met a hand that I didn’t wanna shake Never took a chance that I didn’t wanna take Never met a wheel that I didn’t wanna roll I Never said a prayer that didn’t bless my soul Bless my soul, Bless my soul (Chorus:) Bridge: We’re gonna fais do –do when the music’s right I’ll see you at the dance this Saturday night Got my new white dress and my pink boots on We’re gonna dance all night to our favorite song, Favorite song, favorite song, favorite song (chorus) (Ooo! This water’s kinda cold!)

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