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Cowboy Angel




Written by Tyler McCoy and Clint Riddle. Unmastered Demo version.

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There’s a southern cemetery I call home I lay beneath the Spanish moss and my family’s old headstone There’s a woman who never could keep a hold of me She gave her all and gave her life to raise my family There’s two young boys who share their daddy’s name I know she’s shown them pictures, but I don’t look the same I hope they still remind her of me And all the good I had inside and the man I used to be Chorus I’m a midnight roll of thunder pounding through your chest And I’m taking all the back roads cause that’s the way I know best There’s solid words of wisdom coming from my mouth I’m the last cowboy angel to ever fly across the south I rode some broncs in Texas, stayed busted at the seams I limped away with broken bones in a cast of shattered dreams I ran some dope through Juarez, kept their pictures on my dash Thought about goin’ home but I couldn’t resist the cash Chorus

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