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The Way We Act

Album: "Heads Up, Pen Down" MixTape 2013






Song: The Way We Act Artist: Lee EmCee Album: "Heads Up, Pen Down" MixTape 2013 Beat: Streets - CunninLynguists Lyrics, Mix & Mastered by Lee EmCee

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Verse 1: At the beginning of time they say that there was just 2, 2 human beings that were like me and you, forbidden to eat the fruit curiosity grew, a feeling inside needing to be satisfied she knew. She blew it all away no clue of what's to come, regrettable decision making cant be outdone, the outcome cant change, then out comes the pain, out comes refrained anger running through the veins. We sustain to stay the same way for the better or worse, whatever could be worse for us then to lift this curse, of humanity together we can better this earth, we never learn, we better learn fast before we burn! We've turned, our own planet ugly by the mutual damage, how do we manage, this reality is a disadvantage. underprivileged people living amongst, the deception and lies honesty's hard to find in us. Verse 2: Were lucky to be alive breathing the air, the consequences of pollution were all gonna share, we employ & pay to destroy nature its unfair, raise a voice for the subject they just don't care. I declare, million souls stained like ink on the skin, when its sink or swim ya gotta think to win, you have the power to change just use the power within, never be a quitter quit quitting out don't give in! John Howards a quitter he rejected the claim, saying that climate change aint a concern today! well what about when it comes to the end of our days, lets just hope the prophecy predicted the wrong date! 2020, plenty refrained from giving help to change, the way that we were living were still living the same today, created for a reason why destroy what we love, our days are almost over the countdown is up! Verse 3: Many synonyms for god religions have lost the plot, nearly every war on earth is related to god when will it stop? fighting over what religion is right and fight to the top, the meaning of life forgot all our morals are lost! Negative visions impact leaving millions in lack, of focus to make the right decisions on facts, envision a world with no division between packs, racism is in us but lets diminish the attack! Violence & Lies portrayed through the stereotypes, on television broadcasted to millions of lives, Guidance to life seek somewhere else & u might find, a different daily ritual that doesn't waste your time. Silence the cries, regret & sorrow doesn't change the past, time goes slow not fast which makes the depression last. Forget the cigarette the stress is a threat to our, way of changing for the better and we better change fast! Its the way we act that helps us manage the pain. Its the way we act that keeps damaging our name, Its the way we act which makes me angry and say, If Its the way we act even if its a challenge, change!

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