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Where Do you Go?






An original song written and performed by Sailordan.

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Where do you go when your alone in your head? What do you think of when your lying in my bed And do your thoughts ever include me, Or do you dream of the time when you were free? You seem so distant and cold today, unlike the woman you were yesterday I don't know what you want for me To hold you close or let you be Chorus You'll break my heart if you should leave, 'Cos I'll be all alone and blue I'll walk the floor and cry over you So tell me please what do you want me to do? When first we met everything was good you acted like a lover should Then something changed inside your head Now you don't want me in your bed Chorus Well I guess that the end is nigh Now it's time for us to say goodbye I only hope that life is good for you "cos you left me so alone and blue The house is empty now your gone I always thought you were the one The woman I'd be with all my life The only woman I wanted for my life Chorus

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