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"She Won't" (Give My Heart Back)






all instruments played by LMC, vocal - LMC, recording LMC - demo - original song - copyright LMC all rights reserved 12-string acoustic 6-string acoustic Strat

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... going through old recordings found an original song I wrote a long time ago "She Won't (Give My Heart Back)" [copyright 2012 LMC] couldn't' even tell you who the 'she' is, as My beautiful wife Mary Kay has erased all memories of the weeds of my past : ) I am no singer but have to sing on my original songs basically this is a vehicle for long extended guitar playing at the end (like all of my music is guitar oriented, with minimal lyrics: finding old music is cool for me to listen to... what my mind came up with in the past; but looking to the future and all of the music within me to record is what is really fun

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