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On Your Doorstep

Album: I Shouldn't Say






As junior high kids, we all can probably admit to staring at our crush during class and fantasizing how we would be together forever. This song is the fantasy I thought about. Even though it didn't work out exactly the way I thought it would, I still love thinking about what could have been.

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Verse 1 Sittin’ on your doorstep waitin’ for you to come home Look around the neighborhood to see that I’m alone I start to fall into that summer daze Trying to think of what we could do today I hear the kids next store They remind me of what we were like before when Chorus I’d stare at you in every class Walk home after school with you Find any way to talk to you Even when everything I said was Repetitive and complicated How more nervous could I get Accidently said I love you And you kissed me on your doorstep Verse2 Sittin’ on your doorstep after that glorious day I was thinkin’ that we’d be married to each other one day I curled my hair and wore that dress I think you said you liked You opened the door and said to me that I was The prettiest girl in sight when Bridge And when we finished the night You walked me to my door Whispered in my ear That my daddy was watchin’ Peekin’ out the window To make sure nothing happened Cause he knew what we were like when Final Verse Sittin’ on your doorstep waitin’ for you to come home Little did I know you were on my doorstep Waitin ‘for me to come home

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