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What's a Girl to Do

Album: N/A
Rachel Taylor






I tried to conversate with you in the car I was trying to get through didn’t get too far I wanted you to hear me but you had a blank stare You made me feel crazy like you just didn’t care So this is what you made me do… I’d NO other choice but to speak the truth… I was head butting heel digging Pointing fingers mud slinging Doing what I had to do. I felt like hair pulling face slapping Shake you up knuckle cracking What else could I do I know that I’m from Venus and your from MARS I like to share a cup a coffee you like hangin at the bar I’m the kind of girl likes to be alone You’re the kind of guy brings the party home So this is what you make me do LOSE all control and I blow my FUSE It’s a cruel joke I have to say So we’ve gotta figure out how to live this way A matter of fact that we’re not the same But I can’t live without you Can’t live with out you Can’t live with out this cat and dog game

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