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Breakin' Down

Album: Where Did You Go?
Get Back Loretta




Indie Rock


(verse) You were there for me I recognize it, now I see its too late. Goodbye captain obvious and hello misery, I missed ya. Seems I’ve traded gold for blisters, love once lost turns polyester. Something’s caving in on me I’ve lost the song I'm made to sing She’s gone now, there’s no sound..... Bombs have cleared the earths gone quiet, you cant stand the sound of silence Sounds of nails upon a chalk board, now you realize there’s not more Doctors, Lawyers, Politicians all have things that you were missing Where did I go wrong in living, now I wake up, seems I'm going no where, its no fair (Chorus) I'm breaking in, I'm losing skin I'm making out, I'm breaking down DON’T YOU KNOW THIS! (Verse) Now you stop your eyes from crying, life’s not over your not dying Maybe she’s the one for you but just like you she has dreams to and Now you pick you’re self up off the ground, dust off and make a brand new vow Cause life don’t wait for you and NOW you see what she’s gone through. a new man, a new plan. (Chorus) I'm breaking in, I'm losing skin. I'm making out, I'm breaking down. DON’T YOU KNOW THIS!

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