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Kony Fake 2012

Album: No psychiatry






Are they using Kony as a blind, so they can occupy the country and make the people in the world to believe, that it is just an humanitarian aid-program and not another war. "Are they going to kill the kid-soldiers in Uganda?"

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Kony Fake 1.) Is there some oil to find or is there some gold to find another war in Uganda killing thousands of children in Irak, Afghanisthan, Lybia and now they come to save the children in Africa Ref.) Kony Fake, Kony Fake, Kony Fake 2012 2.) Campaigning for another war are you really that def and blind this time in black Africa have you forgotten the kids who died in Irak, Afgahnisthan, Lybia are they going to kill the kid-soldiers in Uganda

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