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"Take My Pain Away" Official Music Video




One of the Best Independent Video's Ever... Song is deep, talks about the wars, support for the troops, politics, Obama, Huricane Katrina, Religion, Rasism, and much more... Please watch, listen, and enjoy

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Conceit “Take My Pain Away” One man’s pain, is another’s pleasure/ what you consider trash… I might cherish as treasure/ Were all different, inside and out/ but what’s outside is all we seem to fight about/ I’m a black man… and it’s a grey would/ ran by green backs, rubies, diamonds, and pearls/ we all race to taste the fame and fortune/ but we seem to loose our focus on what really is important/ I don’t understand the reason why religion is so corporate/ or why the Vatican, to me, appears to be a fortress/ I think that it’s important/ we can verify your sources/ why are you buying gold crosses/ when you could be feeding orphans?/ why the reverend drive a Porsche, he knows the congregation was hit hard by Katarina, he could have helped the situation/ all this constant devastation in this nation is a sign/ you better count your blessings because we’re running out of time/ Take My Pain Away Chorus We’re still fighting two wars were no closer to winning/ even though we popped Bin Laden that won’t be the ending/ they killed Saddam and that made it worse in Iraq…/ I don’t understand our government’s system of thought/ or what we the people must do to correct it/ we’ve got to fix it fast, our solders dying to protect it/ overseas neglected and dejected/ because the world keeps revolving without them present/ babies born… love ones dye…/ no hellos… no goodbyes/ It’s so ashamed in a sense/ that the people who protect us miss these important events/ while these cowards we’ve elected sit and hide behind a desk/ they won’t even guess how many solders they have put to death/ I just think that it’s a shame that you wouldn’t order someone else/ to go and die for this country… And you wouldn’t go Yourself…/ Take My Pain Away Chorus We run from Father Time… fight with Mother Nature…/ Resent our Uncle Sam, It seems like your family hates ya/ feel like a step-child with no voice and no vote/ trying to comprehend the reason why your government is broke…/ Obama took office we said Yes We Can…/ but you didn’t expect that much change with one man? / The whole system is broke from the outside in/ and to fix it’s going to take more than a president/ it’ll probably take, every single living American/ three-hundred-million residents/ to stand and set a precedent/ our ancestors would be pissed at our hesitance/ to demand our elected officials to represent/ who we are as a people, a country, and a nation/ what we want? To live free without fear of invasion/ though we’re all different… somehow we’re all the same/ we all Lust for Joy… We all Feel This Pain…/

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