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When You Lay Me Down

Album: upcoming
Stephen Jylz






Looking at death, (and life) from the perspective of nearing that end, and what is to become of this vessel we live in, and looking back what what we have accomplished during our lifetime. I mean, really, what do we leave behind? All music, vocals, lyrics and production by Stephen Jylz

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When you lay me down to die Just burn me up and let me fry Cast my dust upon the ground Nevermore will I be found And if Saint Peter calls my name May I enter without shame And if it’s heaven that I go Then it’s Jesus that I’ll know If it’s soon that I pass on May I please you with a song And while I live upon this land I hope I’ve been a righteous man But when you lay me down to die Just give a wave and say good-bye ‘Cause if I’ve lived the life I should I’ll be remembered doing good I hope I’ve done all that I could And be remembered doing good

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