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Date your Stalker

Album: I Color with Crayons
Tom Foolery and the Foolz




Indie Pop


Written by J. Cooper Copyright 2008

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Hey little girl won't u show me where you live so I can come around and take a couple pics? You won't know I'm there while I'm peaking through the glass I'm looking through the window taking pictures of your ass I'll drive around your block 'til u turn off all the lights make believe we're dating and pretend you're my wife You'll have my number blocked, but that won't stop my plight I'll call u from a different phone every fucking night Why do girls all feel the need to have to bitch and moan to me about the guys they chose to fuck? It's fucking dumb and damn it sucks so listen girls to what I say; these guys you're with aren't gonna change ditch the guy with looks and bucks and get a man who gives a fuck I don't wanna hear it anymore you're just so down, gonna walk out the door When you gonna meet that special one? You should date your stalker and fall in love You know that he's gonna treat u well he stuck around, you tried to put him in jail And he knows everything about u he studied u hard and literally too

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