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Wait In The Middle

Album: Underwater Balloons
Jarah Jane






Wait in the middle. I’ll walk to the place where you are. Close your eyes.. I’ll find you no matter how far You’re standing alone Shivering cold Miles away from my arms I’m coming home Where I belong To hold you in the middle, where you are. Wait there a little The silence surrounds you I know Under this sky I’ll fight to be with you my love Can you feel the my breath It’s the wind your chest Standing there on your own There’s no one around You’re safe and sound I’ll kiss you so gently Oh.. I can see you there I know ..I know I’m coming home Oh I can see you there I know I know I’m coming home Wait for me I can see the wait has got you down on your knees Just wait for me I can tell you now I’ll find a way for us to be Wait in the middle Breathe deep within Hold it all in I’m kissing your skin. Remember me well.. And all we could be It’s just you and me. It’s just you and me. Copyright 2008 Jarah Jane

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