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I See You

Album: Simply Complicated
Brad Cash






Verse You don’t know me like I do And I shouldn’t be loving you ‘Cause there’s a girl back home who calls me hers And I know I said too much And I’ve already felt your touch But lets not make this any worse Chorus I wish I could take back all I said And I wish I never felt your bed ‘Cause now I can’t sleep at night And when I Look into her eyes I see, yeah I see you Verse I’m afraid of my phone ‘Cause you won’t leave me alone And you always call when I’m with her I never meant to hurt you But you knew what you got into So why do you act so surprised Chorus Bridge And I know we had fun But don’t tell anyone I feel so ashamed This guilt cuts like a knife Another regret in my life That I can’t change Chorus x2

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