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I wrote this song because I am sick of my ppl still acting like we 16 and they 34. Its time to get it together out here and lead by example for our youth. The music I do is what is missing in the game. A real artist speaking on real issues,(like Pac and Lauryn Hill did) so join the MOVEMENT and become a fan.

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WE GROWN OUT HERE Written by MsLOLO Performed by MsLOLO and RB Chorus: We grown out here-we aint messing with no kids. We grown out here-trying get it how we live. We grown out here-minding our own business. We grown out here-Im just trying to make a living. We grown out here-we aint messing with no lames. We grown out here- we aint tryna play no games. We grown out here-ni--a what you talking bout. We grown out here-boy shut your f--king mouth. Verse 1: We grown out here man what is yall doing. Everytime I turn around somebody out here fooling. Then you can't understand the reasons why you losing. Look at the pety ass games you choosing to play. But anyway, I stay on my grown woman s--t everyday. In every way I came to slay the grown ones...still acting like kids. Im in the game now bi--h this what it is. It aint just the dudes, Im talking to these females too. What you out here doing ma, acting too loose. Like a puppet from some strangs they control your mind, body, soul, and everything. But I aint telling you nothing that you dont know. It's like you on pause and aint even trying to grow. It's time to play catch up but don't move so slow. Cause up here in the D games we aint foe. Chorus: Verse 2: We grown out here man what is yall saying. A minute pass twelve Im a grown ass man. Im on that next level s--t that yall can't comprehend and them pety ass games you playing-they need to end. Boy get some courage, boy get some backbone. Then get lost, get the fuck on, get on- and don't come back around here until your ass is grown. Cause we on some other s--t, that you aint even on. Im that ni--a RB I rock the microphone. Oh yeah you see the swag-I thought you would've known. I peeped your girl watching,yeah she want to bone. Have me take her to the back and make her scream and moan. But Im looking at her like, girl gone. Where my bad bi--hes at in the club. Now all my real ni--a put your f--king hands up,while we rock to this new f--king anthem. Chorus: Verse 3: You don't understand what Im saying to you. Now what the hell yall out here trying to do. You gotta get your mind right and I mean right now. How the f--k you want respect and this what you about. Saying that you grown but your actions leave doubt. Yall done turned the game in now its time to turn it back. The s--t yall doing is ridiculous. It leave a real muthf--ker like me in disgust. Im grown out here and broke young punks I don't trust. It's time for me to tell my side,yes it's a must. In a city where for ni--as life aint always pretty, it's too hard out here to be acting so dumb and sadity. Aint no love from these haters, no mercy or no pety. Come on eastside, yeah I know you feel me. Through all the bulls--t we gone keep gettin it in. And we gone wear out this new anthem like it's the latest trend. Chorus:

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