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Just An Old Guitar

Album: Just An Old Guitar
Perry Bonck






This is the title cut of my first CD. The song pays tribute to an old guitar given to me by my Uncle.

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Just an old guitar I've had 20 years or more It had lived a lifetime many years before It came to rest in mind hands it was broken, it was worn Just an old guitar I've had 20 years or more Crafted in the 40's from a birds eye maple tree Passed down from my uncle is how it came to me My uncle was a player, he'd pick a song or two He set this old guitar aside, thinking it was through I stripped it down and sanded, and replaced a few old parts This old guitar it found it's way deep into my heart When I found religion we sang praises to the Lord It gave it's all in worship 'till it couldn't give no more A hard life can break you and take everything you've got You can't be pieced together Like an old guitar It's hushed now and useless, well maybe a lot like me It's emptiness is on display for everyone to see

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