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You're The One For Me

By: Gaby




Singer/Songwriter (Female)


(Verse 1) You are my best friend, you are the one Who knows my favorite songs backwards to front You are the one who always stuck up for me When all those boys played all those cruel games on me You are the one who I called that night Crying on the line saying 'he broke my heart' (Chorus) You are my love You are my love Can't you see... Baby you're the one for me (Verse 2) So now it's 12am, thinking about you and me You are my inner beat You are my laughter, you are my rhyme You are the reason I'm always on time You are the one who I fell for that night Wondering if you were free the rest of your life (Bridge) So now it comes down to this Baby I'm waiting, i'm waiting for you to tell me... oh oho oh There are no words that can explain what I feel for you Hope that you know by now that we're growing old together And that you get the letter that says we're meant forever And it reads... (Chorus 2x)

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