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I Believe In Jim Jones

Album: Dead Meat
Thee Creeps






Fifty foot looking frankenstein, Mad man with the Jesus mind, His death letter is a valentine, And a thousand little kids With their hands to the sky. Knock it back because it’s time to prove, The kool aid satan acid groove, Cyanide with the sugar to boot, Know it kicks real hard But it feels so smooth. Cheap seat to infinity, Wave goodbye to the century, Look away while the brilliant bleed, And the thick red slime pools around their feet. Waste away in the dead of night, Jim Jones holds the future tight, Looking through the windows in the line of sight As the jackboots start up the firefight. One by one the monastics fall, For big Jim Jones in his fantastic hall, He watches TV as the bombastic call, ‘You must be a monster just to kill them all’. Jim Jones light is dying out, He sent them all to heaven with a sacred cow, With a gun to his head he puts the hammer down, There’s no use waiting because the future is now!

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