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This is jeebz

By: Jeebz




My newest track straight out of my living room. I just write this song 3 weeks ago and was feelin it the other night and started recording just for fun. Then I played it back the next day and it is amazing the flows are on point and i totally free-styled the chorus. I got the beet for free from jee so i wont claim credit for the beat. In fact the lyrics are all my original and without the MC a beats just a beat.

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I need some money quick ATM No time to wait DIVIDINS My flows be on fire BLAZIN Floatin to the top im Razin The dead and they speak to me Not a medium but I listen instinctively Wanna stand out then stick with me Cause I’m going places people wish they could be You wanna be a rockstar too bad Diddy don’t want another bad boy move back Home with mom and your drunk ass dad lame It hurts when you fall this far no pain No tears on your cheeks just make it rain Gotta play to win that’s the rap game Tank top baggy jeans been rockin this since 92 Do it diiferent fuck that I don’t really want to Break a habit or break a dollar make some change Roll up a hundred pennies to pack your fist full of rage Getin choke up well get off the stage Fuck that free flow no one gets paid Remembered as the best like Ali Never been hit so hard til I met this ho named holly the best blow to my head upper cut back door never been open so I called her bluff beat up the defense peyton manning gatta warrant to strip search ya outstanding put your hands up make it quick no intermission now let me get back to the no competition wanna come off as uncomaprable who he sound like why he spit in parables cant understand half of his verses slow down try listening faster can you hear me now doesn’t matter if there’s a beat or not this is a gift that can’t be bought will I quit no I wont stop 3o years of starving for a break gonna eat up these other rappers like a t bone steak

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