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Reflections of You (2014)

Album: Liberator
Failure in Vanity






Reflections of You Lyrics: You stare unto a reflection that you swear never betrayed you Acting as though everything will be alright, You take the path you've chosen with conviction in your choices, careful never to look back For to look back is to acknowledge a past left undone Do you remember this is were you left me? Do you remember? you left me to rot, i rest now in the beauty of your lies you have buried me in the distance of your past. exiling the emotion that once flourished allow confidence to snake its way into your conceited heart for along the blacked walls of your capillaries lyes the fabric of who you once were, I look upon emerald eyes as they stare into mine its those eyes that have always betrayed me Fraudulent expressions of compassion find their way into my weaknd demeanor dreadfully i ask for the words that you once spoke, a darkened look paints your face as you lie to me no more your complexion tainted by the look of dishonesty in your eyes This reflection of you has always betrayed me for to sacrifice it all was everything i ever tried to do. I feel cast out, framed within a nightmare i can not escape you take your leave as your withering eyes feed dread into mine So ive given up, i cant take the pain anymore these days no longer hold the future we once thought it did so im giving into better judgement, this is my final word my last good bye. I release you from my heart, my feelings will no longer torment me

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