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What Kind of Cowboy am I?

Album: Mr. Safety's Saddle Soap and Utter Cream Elixer
Mr. Safety




For my God and Country

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What Kind Of Cowboy Am I My hands are as soft as a womens touch I am an easy bleeder i cant take a punch I dont have the taste for whiskey, I'll have a Fesca and lime Oh what kind of cowboy am i.. I'm alergic to dogs. Dog hair makes me sneeze I'm the crier at your wedding pass the tissues please. I'd rather plant a garden - then go hunting anytime Oh what kind of cowboy am i... Oh what kind of cowboy am i I love my God and country and stick up for the lil guy Oh What kind of cowboy am i I dont have a redneck alliby.. What kind of cowboy am I I like my salad dressing low calorie The sweet smell of manure just smells shiddy I might sip my Mamosa,, but im a big quiche kinda Guy Oh What kind of cowboy am I Words and Music by Jon Denney c 2007 p J Denney Publishing

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