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Let's Have an Old Fashioned Christmas

Album: Ukulele Jim's Jumping Flea Circus
Ukulele Jim




Holiday / Seasonal


The eagerly-awaited first Christmas single from Ukulele Jim is a warm-hearted and nostalgic tune about the old-fashioned holiday traditions of yesterday.

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Let's have an old fashioned Christmas Like they had so long ago The times may have changed But the spirit remains Something you never outgrow Let's bring back those old traditions Our grandparents and their parents made It's never obsolete To sing carols in the street And walk in the Christmas parade I remember a time as a child When Christmas was something divine Well it seems like the meaning is changing so fast It's up to us to bring back the past It's not about shopping on credit And spending more than you afford Give from the heart 'cause that's where it starts You can't find that love in a store Let's keep our Christmastime simple Without all the holiday stress Children at play Cookies on a tray Are things that make holidays best I remember a time When we told each other stories By the warmth of the fire Of a family together on a cold Christmas eve We can keep that alive if we only believe Let's have an old fashioned Christmas Just like they did it before It worked way back then We can do it again And bring back tradition once more

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