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Dear Winter

Album: 410's Heartbreak






Basically a remix to Jay-Z's song "Dear Summer"

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dear winter, ill see u in december/ cuz i kno i left u so cold, n ate ya heart 4 dinna/ u a angel but im feelin like a sinner/ so old in da game still feel like a beginna/ had 2 giver da cold shoulder/ but would do anything jus 2 holder/ gotta bitch waitin datz wut i tolder/ so im pretty dam sure she knew it wuz over/ waitin 4 dat hot bitch called summer/ gotta gas her up, dam right she gotta hummer/ everybody kno summer wus more funner/ but a dumb ass bitch n dey dont get no dumber/ gotter number/ said summer u way 2 hot/ gotta take a water wheneva i take a bop/ even when i get near u im sweatin off top/ pop lock n droped my heart n didnt stop/ ha laughin cuz errybody gotta fall/ takin off her leaves jus 2 get in2 her drawz/ couldnt find a condom so i nigga did it raw/ 4 AM i get a late night call/ its fall she said, i think we have an issue/ im thinkin off top,i though i went in2 da tissue/ she like no no i really fuckin miss u/ n da feelin in my stomich is butterflies when i kiss u/ dam, really caught me by suprize/ gemmie 2 sec 2 you house i will arrive/ she live mile away u dont got a whip 2 drive/ but u runnin 2 her crib dnt even care if u survive/ dats wut i call motivation/ jus 2 have sex constantly u consimplatin/ if u really want love cuz u aint got da time or paitiens/ for summers winter 2 fall into da hands of satin/again

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