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Give my regards to the world

Album: Self titled EP
The Hardcount




Modern Rock


This song is about a big middle finger to it all. There is so much turmoil going on everywhere. The country is split in half on everything and it gets really tiring to deal with it all.

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Give my regards to the world. And that's all there is to say. Although it wouldn't matter anyway, it'll all be OK. Say goodbye to my friends for me. Just as if there were part of my family. And to my little boy and girl. Give my regards to the world. Chorus: Too many voices and too many noises for me, yeah. I just want to be free man. Well, this place ain't for me, nah. So many dyin' and so many cryin' for freedom, and you wanna call me dumb? While I'm here I wanna have fun. Verse 3&4 Say hello to all them girls, all them girls I met around the world. Man, I'd really like to stay. See you again another day. I'd like to thank my mom and dad. Two of the best friends that I ever had. And to every boy and girl. Give my regards to the world Chorus 2 X

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